Affray and Rioting

Disturbing the public peace comes under criminal offenses. Affray and rioting are two examples of such crimes. Our eminent lawyers in Chandigarh for rioting and affray have been handling these matters for the past many years.

An affray is a type of crime in which two people or parties fall into conflict with disturbing the peace of the public place. The provision falls under section 159 and 160 of the IPC section. The crime will be called as an affray when there is the indulgence of two people and public tranquility is also disturbed. Merely a single person damaging public property or disturbing the peace will not come under affray crime.

Rioting involves unlawful assembly disturbing the public peace. The unlawful assembly will contain 5 persons or more than that who are creating violence with a common goal. That comes under section 146, 147, and 148 of IPC. So in both the matters our team of senior advocates in Chandigarh High Court is going to assist you.