Crime Against Women

You must never be fearful about what you are doing when it’s right. All the females out there, move out of the four walls which have been listening all your cries and sorrows from so long and put an end to that injustice by taking legal help. Cruelty to women is really an iniquitous act and surely needs to be punished. Our highly acclaimed criminal lawyers in Chandigarh have a prowess over conquering crime against women cases efficiently well.

Only a woman knows how much she has to go through on a daily basis. Eve-teasing and disgraceful taunts are psychologically disturbing. Our crime against women lawyers in Chandigarh is persistently contributing to making the world a better and safer place to live in for women. Although Indian judiciary has inserted plenty of laws to protect the women against cruelty in India. Yet there are efforts needed on the part of the public too. The criminal offences like acid, attacks, dowry deaths, forced prostitution, rape, female infanticide, etc need to b brought to an end.

Reported crime against women 3,38,594 in 2016 makes it evident that there is a long way to remove that stigma from Indian society. Many of the surveys portray India as a dangerous place for women. And these are not only the surveys but also data records presented by NCRB which proves the fact. The figure mentioned above for violence against women in India contributes 38,947 rape cases and 2,167 gang rape cases. Yes, this is really upsetting to see these stats. But this problem can only be uprooted when all will come up with a strong voice for justice. Our team of best lawyers and advocates in Chandigarh are available to help the sufferers with all they can.

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