Crime Against Women

In India, crime against women is considered as gravest of the grave offence, most of which remain unreported because of the stigma which the society at large levels upon the victim. Because of the stigma, even the educated women hesitate to report crimes of eve-teasing, molestation, sexual exploitation at workplace, etc. and remain quite. Because of their silence, the wrong-doers gain more confidence and continue to commit such crimes and blame the victims for their acts. The attitude of the society towards the victim make the women of our country feel threatened to even walk out of their own home.

Although we are living in a society which is having a progressive mindset, however, the incidents of dowry death, female feticide, cruelty, forced prostitution, child marriage, rapes, acid attack and many other heinous crimes are on a rise. In order to stop the menace of crimes against women, the wrong-doers need to be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

In order to curb this menace, with time we have witnessed various amendments in the criminal laws and new enactments which provides for protecting the identity of the victim, establishment of fast track courts in order to provide justice to the victim, victim compensation scheme, stringent punishments and in the cases of rape of minor girls, the scope of having a concession of anticipatory bail has been abolished.

The offence of dowry death was made punishable in the year 1986 by way of insertion of section 304-B in Indian Penal Code, 1860, wherein the wrongdoer can be punished with imprisonment for a term not less than 7 years and can extend to imprisonment for life.

After witnessing the gruesome crime that took place in Delhi in the year 2013, popular known as Nirbhaya Rape Case, long-needed amendment took place in Indian Penal Code upon the recommendation of Verma Committee. In this amended, the definition of rape was widened. In the amended section 326 A and section 326 B were also inserted which provided for the punishment of acid attack and attempted acid attack.

Although the intention of the amendment was to deter the criminal from committing heinous crimes, however, such heinous offences were on a rise, so much so, minor girls, girls below the age of 12 years were being raped, accordingly in the year 2018, Criminal Amendment 2018 took place and section 376AB, section 376DA and section 376DB were inserted which dealt with a heavy hand for accused who committed the offence of rape on women aged under 16 years and 12 years.

Although the laws are stringent in nature, the traumatized victim often tend to not report the crime because of delays and laches in the procedure. Therefore the need of aid and assistance of not only qualified but perceptive advocates becomes a necessity. Here our highly experienced Advocates help the victims to get justice by providing the best possible services.