Cyber Law

Although technology like IT and internet services has induced many conveniences for the people, there is a drawback on them simultaneously. Data released by NCRB portrays a clear picture of the extremity of cybercrime in India. Our seasoned cyber crime lawyers in Chandigarh have an illustrious record in handling these matters with efficiency. Cybercrime majorly falls into three categories:

  • Crime against people.
  • Crime against the property.
  • Crime against the government.

Impersonation of IRS (Internal Revenue Service), child pornography, harassment, spoofing, identity theft, credit card fraud, all these offenses fall under the IPC section. The offense comes under really serious matters and the major niche which is being affected by these illegal cyber activities is youth. Our experienced and insightful criminal lawyers in Chandigarh for cybercrime matters are quick-witted and well-practiced in the field. Our team explores every possible perspective of the matter with the help of the best cyber security experts.