Embezzlement is a financial fraud where a person withholds the assets or finances with the intention of conversion. It is a white collar crime which occurs in the corporate field. Embezzlement occurs when a person is entrusted to handle the accounts or assets, and misappropriate them for personal use. Our criminal lawyers and advocates in Chandigarh are representing the matters ingeniously.

The punishment for embezzlement matters can either fall under felony or misdemeanor according to the amount of financial conversion the culprit has made. The penalties may include:

  • Imprisonment.
  • Significant fine.
  • Restitution payments by the victim.
  • Rehabilitation.
  • License revocation.
  • Disqualification for public or elected office.

So our embezzlement lawyers in Chandigarh are ensuring all legal practices in the business world with a profound experience in the field.