Illicit Drug Trafficking

Drugs have been engulfing the youth of our very beautiful Union territory. Prevalence of deaths due to heavy use of drugs in the North region and specifically Punjab region is highly damaging in nature. The prevention of illicit traffic in narcotic drugs and psychotropic drug substances act, 1988 is a guiding document for preventing the clandestinely trafficking of drugs. And unfortunately, if you got stuck in such illegal trafficking, you can take the legal help of best lawyers in Chandigarh for narcotics and psychotropic substances.

There are various activities which will come under illicit drug trafficking crime, you can go through them here.

  • Cultivation of coca, opium poppy, or cannabis plant.
  • Production, purchase, sale, possession, warehousing, concealment, or inter-state export, import of the narcotics and psychotropic substances.
  • Drug smuggling.
  • Controlled substances trafficking with a minor.

So for all that matters, the culprit is subjected to imprisonment and fines both. The penalty for illicit drug trafficking will depend upon the severity of the crime.

  • For a smaller quantity, the imprisonment for a term of about 6 months and fine or both can be charged too.
  • While the contravention falls below the range of commercial quantity and above small quantity, imprisonment term can extend up to 10 years and fine of 1 lakh or both.
  • And in terms, the quantity matches the commercial level or above it, imprisonment can extend up to 10-20 years with the fine chargeable from 1 lakh -2 lakh.

So the matter demands a seasoned and insightful attorney here to handle that matter proficiently. For that matter, our lawyers and advocates in Chandigarh can help you better.