Mischief Offence

A misdemeanor act whether intentionally or unintentionally, causing damage to property or a person is considered as mischief. The offense doesn’t include any possession of the property. This is mainly a matter of breaking, damaging, and defacing the property which the owner is not aware of. Our veteran criminal lawyers in Chandigarh can help you recover your property damaged in the mischief act.

The offensive act of mischief comes under section 425 of IPC. Our team is well practiced in handling all the criminal matters falling under IPC section. Our top lawyers in Chandigarh for criminal matters have an illustrious record in managing such matters diligently. These offenses can either come under misdemeanor or felony. The culprit for here will be entitled to either the imprisonment for the term 3 months with fine or both. And the penalty can vary as according to the type of mischief act.