Sedition Offence

Sedition includes over conduct (speech or organization), insurrection, or subversion of a constitution or authority. Section 124-A of IPC section in Indian constitution explains sedition as an offense. No matter you have freedom of speech, but as a responsible citizen, you need to exercise that intelligently. Here you can inspect the list well and then can pick the best sedition lawyer in Chandigarh to resolve your matter.

Kanhayiya Kumar incident in the JNU (Jawaharlal Nehru University) explains the sedition offense quite well. If anyone is found guilty for disobeying or insurrection against the state, law, or constitution, there is the provision of imprisonment for the culprit in that matter. Our proficient and acclaimed lawyers and advocates in Chandigarh for sedition offenses take it their prime responsibility to safeguard the authorities and constitution from seditious acts of some disturbing elements of the country.

Key Facts about Sedition Offense

  • Source of offense can be words either written or spoken.
  • Signs or visual representation can also be the reason for insurrection.
  • Speech can also cause incitement.
  • This offense which leads to disaffection or disloyalty towards a state, authority, or constitution.
  • It is triable in court sessions, cognizable, and non-cognizable offense.
  • Lifetime imprisonment is the maximum punishment for seditious offenses.

Fine is also chargeable under section-124A of IPC.